Saturday, October 12, 2013

Marco Berger To Catch a Butterfly (EXCLUSIVE)


RIO DE JANEIRO - Marking an early career departure, Argentine scribe-helmer Marco Berger ("Plan B," "Absent," "Hawai") will roll in February on "Butterfly."

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After three different takes on homoeroticism, played for comedy in "Plan B," suspense in "Absent" and as a reflection on power-play in "Hawai," "Butterfly" is a non-gay sci-fi fantasy played out in two parallel worlds, one dramatic, the other more comedic, where the Butterfly Effect gives two lovers a new possibility of love.

Ailin Salas, a much-sought after actress who has appeared in films by Lucia Puenzo ("XXY," "The Fish Girl"), Pablo Fendrik ("Blood Appears"), Milagros Mumenthaller ("Back To Stay") and most recently Santiago Palavecino ("Some Girls) will star along side Javier de Pietro, the young co-star of "Absent." "Butterfly is set-up at Buenos Aires-based Oh My Gomez! Films, which was created to produce "Plan B," and also made "Absent," Berger said at the Rio Festival, where he presented "Hawaii."

"Butterfly" will be his first film to pull down a state subsidy from Argentina's Incaa Film Institute, he added.

Lensing in Buenos Aires and its environs, his fourth film will also be his largest.

"My films have traditionally had two characters, one location. 'Butterfly' is not really big, but we do have different locations - we have to shoot in the mountains. And it creates two universes," Berger said.

With his first three films, Berger has created a "signature label" in queer cinema, said sales agent, Ida Martins at Media Luna New Films.

He has also cultivated an overseas market presence: Media Luna has sold "Hawaii" to Artsploitation for North America, Pro-Fun for German-speaking territories, and Palmera Intl. for Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, Martins said.

She added she is in negotiations for three other sales.

"Butterfly" looks likely to target different industry and retail audiences.

One upside for Berger, who sees himself as "a better writer than a filmmaker, focusing on the story and the actors," is that "Butterfly" looks set to usher in some formal flourishes.

"The fantastic thing is that I'll shoot the same story in two different ways. So if I need a blue car in one universe, I'll need the same car, but in red, in the other."

Source: Variety

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A DOG'S LIFE: Cooler weather signals fleas to get moving

Last week I wrote about our dogs rubbing and rolling as they began to change into their winter clothes – and how they had been shedding their summer ones all over the place.

The weather changed over the weekend, and it seems that fall is here for good except for the occasional Indian summer respite. The cool-down also acts like a starters pistol for our little flat-bodied six-legged friends the flea. It is a trigger for them to jump on anything warm-blooded to hitch a ride into someplace warm to spend the winter.

There are some dogs that come into the shop that really have never had a flea, but they are the exception. Maybe they just have bad-tasting blood or are just plain lucky.

I've mentioned before that often in homes with two dogs, one will have fleas and the other will not. We have noticed this in our own home – there are several dogs that we can examine to find out if we have any fleas, because they are the "tasty" ones. Well, that was in the old days before flea products were nearly as effective or easy to use as they are now.

So many people come in and are surprised when we tell them that we found a few fleas. They say, but he/she never goes out except to take care of "business." That is really all that it takes.

Mice, squirrels, those cute chipmunks and even birds can zip through your yard and leave fleas behind – right where your friend just goes out for a minute.

Owners of pets with chronic flea problems know it. Others with just the occasional problem that pick them up while traveling or at the dog park are always surprised.

In those 5s iphone cases cute nicknames for girls names, the one pill treatment is often enough to solve the problem. More severe infestations are best treated first with the tablet followed by a monthly topical treatment. If you take care of this now, it will not develop into a winter-long problem.

There are many dogs that have a reaction to a single flea bite. You seldom see any of these pests on your friend, but they often cannot stop themselves from scratching or licking and chewing once bitten. They will occasionally chew out entire spots of hair and then create a sore.

Obviously you need your vet's advice on the best course of treatment, and again, there are certain breeds that are more predisposed to this condition. That is why it is best to take care of these nasty little pests before they move indoors for the winter with you and your pets.

* "All knowledge, the totality of all questions and all answers, is contained in the dog." –Franz Kafka

Source: Theleafchronicle

Monday, October 7, 2013

iPhone 6 will offer a 4.8-inch screen, predicts analyst

<5s iphone iphone 5 cases otterbox reviewp>

Next year's iPhone will bump up the screen size from the current 4 inches, claims Jefferies analyst Peter Misek.

(Credit: CNET)

iPhone buyers yearning for a much bigger screen will get their wish next year, at least if a forecast from analyst Peter Misek comes true.

After meeting last week with Apple suppliers in Asia, Misek issued an investors note on Monday in which he said that the iPhone 6 would offer a 4.8-inch screen. If true, that would be a hefty increase over the 4-inch screen found in the current iPhone lineup.

Misek didn't reveal exactly what triggered his prediction, but he did note that the new screen size would drive a huge number of upgrades. Around 50 percent of smartphones shipped last quarter had screens larger than 4 inches, compared with just 20 percent a year prior.

"We think the 85M iPhones eligible for an upgrade when the iPhone 6 launches (we think Apple is targeting Sep 2014) could be boosted by another 5-10M from people who skipped the 5S/5C cycle," Misek said."

On the downside, iPhone 5C sales have been weak, according to Misek. As such, manufacturing builds are being slashed to 15 to 20 million from 30 million, he said. On the plus size, that could lead to an even larger number of upgraders who gravitate toward the iPhone 6.

Misek's prediction isn't exactly a shocker since other reports have suggested an increase in screen size due for the next iPhone. The iPhone has lost significant market share to the large army of Android phones, which have grown in screen size. Apple raised the display size of last year's iPhone 5 to 4 inches from the prior 3.5 inches, so 2014 seems about right for another bump.

An informal survey of CNET readers conducted in August found that 60 percent wanted a screen 4.7 inches or larger in the next iPhone.

Source: Cnet

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Business roundup: New private investigation agency open in Rockwell

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ROCKWELL - A 26-year veteran of the Kannapolis Police Department has opened a private investigation agency.

Rockwell native Kay Linker retired from the Kannapolis Police Department with 26 years of service, including 25 years as a criminal investigator. Her experience includes investigating murders and other felonies, missing persons, domestic issues, white-collar crime and more.

Extra Photos

    Kannon Creek staff and residents release balloons during National Assisted Living Week.

Linker also has experience conducting background investigations and said she hopes to market her agency to businesses that need such a service.

Linker Investigative Services is a full-service agency. Contact Linker at 704-202-3012 or The company's website is .

A celebration of National Assisted Living Week at Kannon Creek

KANNAPOLIS - Kannon Creek Assisted Living celebrated National Assisted Living Week earlier this month with a weeklong celebration and balloon release.

Each department wore a specific color and performed a song throughout the week, which culminated with a rainbow celebration featuring rainbow cake and sherbet.

As part of the festivities, employees voted for two Happiness Heroes - resident David Horton and office manager Lynn Goins.

Kannapolis Mayor Bob Misenheimer read a proclamation at the event.

Power Curbers holding Manufacturing Day on Friday

SALISBURY - Power Curbers Inc. invites visitors to its Salisbury headquarters to learn more about advanced lean manufacturing techniques as part of Manufacturing Day.

From 9 to 11 a.m. Friday, Power Curbers will offer tours of the manufacturing facility at 727 Bendix Drive. Power Curbers staff will be on hand to answer questions.

A leading manufacturer of concrete paving equipment, Power Curbers has been practicing lean manufacturing principles for more than 10 years.

Parts move from cutting and bending and down the line through welding, power-washing, painting and final assembly on an assortment of carts and buggies, which allow for easier transport through the facility and less time handling materials.

A color scheme carried throughout the manufacturing area helps distinguish which pieces are for each of the major value streams: machines, molds and replacement parts.

To learn more, call 704-636-5871 or visit

Thorlo also will welcome the public for Manufacturing Day, giving tours of sock-making plants in Statesville and Rockwell.

The Rockwell plant at 319 Link St. will open from 9 a.m. to noon Thursday, and the Statesville plant at 2210 Newton Drive will open from 9 a.m. to noon Friday.

To sign up for a tour of either Thorlo plant, call Jennifer Crawford at 704-902-0617.

Alexander Tobacco opens

SALISBURY - A new tobacco shop has opened near Harris Teeter.

Alexander Tobacco is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday at 850 Jake Alexander Boulevard West. Reach the shop by calling 704-637-0206.

X-ray quality control

SALISBURY - Steve Arey, manager of Biomedical Equipment Supply Technicians of Rowan LLC, is the owner and designer of a new piece of quality control medical equipment, the P+ X-ray QA Test Phantom.

Arey has published articles about radiation safety and the effectiveness of using X-ray phantoms for preventing unnecessary radiation exposure. In 1990, he became the first certified radiological equipment specialist in North Carolina and the 105th internationally.

Arey said he created the equipment because he has seen a shift in the ways in which x-rays are performed.

Research campus lab spaces opening in 2014

KANNAPOLIS - The N.C. Research Campus has two new ready-to-go laboratory spaces entering construction and slated to open in early 2014 on the third floor of the David H. Murdock Core Laboratory building.

The first ready-to-go laboratory space opens this fall with tenants that include a start-up biotech company developing a diagnostic product related to diabetes, General Mills and Carolinas Medical Center. The labs are each 1,500 square feet and include administrative areas, bench tops, fume hoods, sinks and storage.

Eighty percent of the future lab space is already committed.

"We have so many scientists and companies that are interested in the NCRC," Vice President of Business Development Clyde Higgs said. "Our ready-to-go labs give them a choice of space that is flexible and helps them manage costs and gives them access to all of the scientific collaborators on campus."

Submit information about new businesses, honors and management promotions to Include a daytime phone number.

Source: Salisburypost

John McCririck tells tribunal his sexist TV persona was 'pantomime act'

John McCririck, the former Channel 4 Racing pundit, told an employment tribunal on Tuesday that his "boorish, obnoxious and sexist" behaviour was a "pantomime act" that gives audiences what they want and expect.

McCririck is suing the broadcaster, alleging ageism when it sacked him last year. He told the tribunal he had taken out a loan against his house to fund the action, and could lose his home if he does not win the case.

McCririck, the Harrow-educated tipster known for his signature deerstalker hat, mutton-chop sideburns and bling jewellery, was giving evidence on the second day of his action against Channel 4 and the production company IMG, which did not give McCririck a contract when it took over the production of racing coverage from 1 January this year.

Cross-examined by Thomas Linden QC, for Channel 4, McCririck was repeatedly pressed on whether his regular appearances on celebrity and reality shows undermined his credibility as a journalist relaying betting information on Channel 4's racing coverage.

"It's part of the pantomime act," McCririck told the three-strong panel hearing the case, with Judge Lewzey presiding. "Look at all the other programmes I've done, news programmes like Newsnight, which I was on this year. If an actor is playing Captain Hook in Peter Pan, when he goes out into the street, he's a different animal."

Later, McCririck said that while his solicitor in the case was appearing on a no-win, no-fee basis, he has taken out mortgage equity relief to pay for the rest of the costs. "I've known my solicitor for 30 years," McCririck said. "The rest of them is a huge expense and my home is now on the line. My home could be gone because of this case.

"But I believe what I'm doing is right, I believe it is essential that this tribunal find against Channel 4 and IMG. All the ageism 5s iphone cases bling which ever come up, they won't come up if this case isn't won [and the tribunal] does not impose an exemplary fine on Channel 4 and IMG the age discrimination part of the Equality Act 2010 will mean nothing. So therefore I've put my own personal future on the line."

McCririck said he had never received any indication from Channel 4 Racing that they did not approve of his regular appearance on programmes like Celebrity Big Brother and Celebrity Wife Swap, or wanted him to tone down his larger-than-life on-screen persona.

"Most firms spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on PR agencies to get them publicity," he said. "Here I was doing it [for nothing], and Channel 4 [on which many of the celebrity programmes appeared] certainly didn't seem to mind."

Several times, McCririck insisted that he would have changed his approach to his Channel 4 Racing role if those in charge had asked him to do so. "You listen to your bosses," he said. "Everybody who works in any profession, in any job, they listen to the people in charge. No one ever came to me to ask me to stop waving my arms or shouting or anything else."

McCririck, who is now 73 but was 72 when he was told he would not be offered a contract by Channel 4 Racing last October, was replaced as a betting ring reporter by Tanya Stephenson, who had worked alongside him for the previous eight years.

He conceded to Linden that referring to Stephenson as "the lay of the day", a pun on a betting term, while live on air was "probably not my finest hour", but said that his use of nicknames like "saucy minx" and "the pouty heiress" for two of his other female co-presenters was accepted because it "livened up the programme".

McCririck told the hearing that he still wanted his old job back. "Until early January 2013, I still hoped they would call me back," he said. "I still do. I want to make it clear that this case would not have happened if they had said, John, come back. I only want my job back. I'm not asking for money, I'm not looking for any kudos.

"All I'm looking for is my job back, and for Channel 4 to say unreservedly that [the sacking] was not done on merit but on age discrimination."

Linden replied: "Don't hold your breath."

The case continues.

Source: Theguardian

Otterbox releases the Defender Series case for iPhone 5s

Protection, protection is one of the greatest needs of human. Not just from the malicious intent of other people that might cause harm to them. Well, dying is the worst result without it and it's really frightening. Other than that, we need protection from natural disaster, you know, something that happen naturally like it can't be helped to be harm if you're not being careful in an accident. To put into a scenario, it's like driving a motorcycle on a rainy day and on the wet road without a helmet or a police diving into a bank robbery scene alone without a bulletproof vest, yes it's suicidal. Well, danger is only right there (please don't ask where. >.<) and all we can do is to be more careful, sharp and use materials for protection and safety assuring devices. Right, protection is something you, me, and everyone needs.

But in this world, we are not the only ones that need protection. Of course, even plants and animals need it. And on the other side, even "Things" need it. Like your beloved PC or laptops, you install an anti-virus into it in able to avoid the incoming information with harmful data in your computer. That is to avoid harming the system or the parts of your CPU, or corruption of files and many other annoying results that a virus can bring to your life.

Now, let me tell you the main story of this article. You probably know it already by now. Yes, I want to tell you guys that even your precious iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c is still in danger. Talking about inevitability, we can't help sometimes to experience that, "whoops!" and then found your iPhone 5s lying on the floor, with a crack on its screen then you give the final roar, "OMG !!!" Yes, that's how it is.


So let me introduce you the Otterbox, a company with the innovation of protective solution for the leading global handheld manufacturers, wireless carriers and distributors, they've got technology covered! Yes, they also produce a tough case to provide protection from any accident that might face by your precious smartphones. OtterBox is also known for its 5s iphone cases otterbox black plastic case with the capability of handling rugged conditions, protecting iPhone owners from drops with three layers of material. It's a huge case, but many swear to it.

Defender Series

They already release the Defender Series for iPhone 5s days after the Apple released their latest mobile to the public. This three layers in Defender Series can be found on its screen protectors, carbonate inner layer, and a silicone outer layer that handles the protection you need. Other than this Defender series are Commuter series, Reflexive series and Prefix Series for iPhone 5s.

Commuter Series

As the Defender series has three layers. The Commuter Series possess with only two layers, they made it for user who needs protection but they don't like the size of the natural case so OtterBox deduct one layer to make its physical appearance smaller than a three layer.

Reflexive Series

It is the lightest case among the four cases released by OtterBox.

Prefix Series

Prefix series is like what they had done to commuter series. This series offer only one layer for protection.

And this is the OtterBox. It provides protection for your smartphones. I hope you discover a new way to protect your devices. As for others who know it already. Thumbs up for OtterBox.

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Justice system 'a source of trauma' in sex crime cases

<5s iphone cases justice for girls employmentp>
It is not acceptable in a democracy that so many victims of serious sexual crime do not have access to a legal remedy or are so terrified of the criminal trial system that they chose not to make a complaint in the first place, the executive director of One in Four has said.

Maeve Lewis of the support organisation for victims of child sexual abuse was speaking ahead of today's publication of the organisation's 10th annual report.

She praised the record of the group, which had "helped thousands of survivors of child sexual abuse to transform their lives".

But she added: "The criminal justice system continues to be a source of trauma and distress to our clients."

"While accused persons must have the right to a fair trial, it is not acceptable in a democracy that so many victims of serious sexual crime do not have access to a legal remedy or are so terrified of the criminal trial system that they choose not to make a complaint in the first place."

'Significant achievements'
Looking over the organisation's first decade, Ms Lewis said One in Four could point with pride to a list of significant achievements.

The groups had "created a unique model of intervention working with survivors, their families and sex offenders" and had delivered 51,267 hours of counselling to adult survivors, she said.

The group had also guided more than 4,500 survivors through the criminal, civil and child protection systems, provided treatment to 101 sex offenders and supported 63 families affected by sexual violence.

Ms Lewis said One in Four had also helped establish statutory inquiries into sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and was a force behind the introduction of an innovative restorative justice programme.

Cultural shift
All such achievements had led to a rise in public awareness and a cultural shift whereby survivors were no longer ashamed to recount their experiences, she said.

"Many challenges remain, as the events of this week show," she said

"At One in Four we notify all allegations of child sexual abuse to the HSE child protection services but many of these notifications are never investigated. Just because the sexual abuse happened in the past does not mean that the sex offender is no longer active and dangerous."

She added: "We cannot be complacent . . . However, One in Four is delighted with our achievements to date and look forward with confidence to the challenges of the next decade."

Source: Irishtimes